5 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone

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There are plenty of ways to increase your testosterone naturally. These 5 tips will help you maximize muscle and minimize fat stores.

1. Lift heavy with high ROI exercises: Do large compound, multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press and chin ups from 4-12 reps for 4-8 sets.

2. Manage stress: Stress is a killer of testosterone. When chronically worried, stress goes up, testosterone goes down. Be happy and train hard.

3. Get rid of sugar: this includes candy, soft drinks, juices, chips and booze.

4. Consume adequate Zinc: Zinc is the most necessary mineral and starting point for testosterone production. Seafood is rich in zinc and many other vital minerals.

5. Consume healthy fats: good sources of fats include butter, avocados, olives, MCT oil, coconut butter, fish oil and seal oil.

Markus Rosenberg

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Markus Rosenberg received his degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. He is the founder of Fit Culture Inc., a boutique style personal training studio, which specializes in full service personal training, nutrition and supplement programs working with clients in Concord, Thornhill, Vaughan and North York/Toronto.
Markus Rosenberg

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