Semi-Private Personal Training

Executive Semi-Private Personal Training

If you’re busy balancing a career and family, Semi-Private Personal Training is perfect for you while gaining all the benefits of 1:1 Private Personal Training in a fun, competitive and social environment.  The semi-private personal training sessions keep you motivated and leverages the social pressure aspect of training in an intimate small group environment.

Our semi-private training sessions are most popular among couples and busy professionals in the 30 to 45 year old range allowing for the best of both worlds. Semi-private personal training is supervised by one trainer during the weekly exercise sessions.


100% guarantee


The Executive Semi-Private Personal Training Membership is backed by the Fit Culture Money Back Guarantee*. We’re so confident that we can get you the results you desire, that we guarantee it. If you stick to your strategy and follow our program and still don’t get results, we’ll give you 100% of your money back

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