1:1 Personal Training Membership

Personal Training Session

Exceptional results by expert fitness professionals

Our 1:1 Personal Training Membership is our most exclusive membership giving you 1:1 attention by our training team and priority scheduling. Our 1:1 personal training membership is our elite program designed for people in commissioned sales, entrepreneurs, teachers and professionals in their field. 

It’s common that as we climb higher in the career ladder that we lose focus on our health.  Feeling older and worn out are symptoms of long work hours, travel and poor diet. Sudden weight gain, chronic fatigue and stress are the result.

It’s a totally normal and a natural part of life, especially when balancing time for family, career and hobbies.

Our 1:1 Personal Training Membership is our most elite program and designed for individuals who have reached the top of their field and are ready to regain their base level of fitness.

100% guarantee

The 1:1 Personal Training Membership is backed by the Fit Culture Money Back Guarantee*. We’re so confident that we can get you the results you desire, that we guarantee it.  If you stick to your strategy and follow our program and still don’t get results, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.


Our personal training programs can be designed for many goals, including:

  • Weight loss; reducing belly, leg and arm fat
  • Better energy levels before and after work
  • Getting more fit, better cardiovascular fitness
  • Increases in lean muscle, toning and strength
  • Aesthetically look and feel better
  • Improving existing neck, shoulder, back and knee pain

Whether you’re just beginning an exercise regimen or have been working out for some time, our certified trainers will provide one-on-one, personalized training that will challenge and help you reach your individual goals. We offer dynamic, innovative and interactive Personal Training that is exactly what you’re looking for to take your fitness and nutrition goals to the next level.

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