Whats in my grocery bag?

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I love going grocery shopping and I often get asked what are some things that I purchase on a regular basis. So I am going to share with you just some of the things you will find in my grocery bag!

Ezekiel Bread (Sesame): This is probably one of my favourite foods on earth. Markus thought I was a little strange for loving this bread so much until I got him hooked too! We both love toasted Ezekiel bread and we eat it just about everyday.

Cottage Cheese: Quick and easy protein source and great to always have in the fridge. The percentages vary depending on my training and nutrition plans.

0% Plain regular yogurt: I like to add yogurt to my oats and cottage cheese.

Chicken Breasts: BBQ chicken breast is a perfect source of lean protein. Versatile in how you prepare it and use it.

Blueberries: I am not much of a fruit person but I do like blueberries and will buy them on a regular basis.

Ground X-lean Sirloin: Yes I do eat red meat. I use the ground meat to make delicious meatloaf and meatballs. I actually digest lean cuts of beef better then poultry… most likely because I use to think red meat was bad for you so I only ate chicken and turkey. You can actually develop a sensitivity to a specific food if you are regularly over consuming it.

Salmon/Trout: A few times a week I make sure to have some kind of fatty fish. I rotate between salmon, trout and arctic char.

Braggs Liquid Aminos: I put this stuff on everything! I even carry around a spray bottle version in my cooler bag. Always a must have condiment- Great alternative to soy sauce.

Kombucha (GT’s): This is a fermented tea that is very good for digestive health. If I am not sharing it with Markus, a single bottle will last me 2 days since I only drink 1/2 of the bottle at a time.

Vegetables: This changes throughout the year depending on what’s in season and what I am loving at the time. A few of my all year round favourites are; beets, broccoli, coleslaw mix, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, zucchini, winter squash.

High fibre Low carb wraps: For you wrap lovers — “Joseph’s” makes a really good low carb flat bread that tastes amazing. I have only found them at Ambrosia or you can order them online.

Organic shaved black forest ham: You all know i love my post workout sandwiches. I always use a black forest ham free of nitrates and other harsh chemicals.

Short grain brown Rice: I prefer the texture of short grain rice vs long grain. I prepare this in the rice cooker using organic chicken or vegetable broth for the liquid.

Eggs/whites: Lots of great nutrition in whole eggs. I use the whites for recipes and protein pancakes.

Oatmeal: Another regular source of carbohydrates for our post workout meals.

Canned tuna: Not a staple in our grocery bag but we always have a few cans handy.

Mustards: Mustards of all kinds!- especially any kind of sweet mustard

Stevia: I use the “Now” brand stevia daily.

Himalayan salt: No salt is not bad for you if you are using the right kind. We only buy and use Pink Himalayan salt…and we go through a lot of salt!

So there you have it! Just a few of my regular purchases from the grocery store.

I would love to know what’s in your grocery bag! Please share in the comment box below!

…Happy Shopping!

Becki Cosford

Becki Cosford

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Becki Cosford is Precision Nutrition certified and highly knowledgeable and experienced in nutrition and exercise for women.She is a graduate of Toronto’s College of Dental Hygiene and leads a fitness lifestyle. She follows her passion of empowering women to lead healthier lives through online coaching programs.
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6 Comments on “Whats in my grocery bag?”

  1. Becki, my grocery basket is very similar. A former bread/carb junkie Markus got me to try Ezekiel bread and I love it. They have english muffins as well which are so fiber rich/dense that I am full eating a half of one. Also great tidbit “You can actually develop a sensitivity to a specific food if you are regularly over consuming it.” I would say this is my issue so I have really been trying to add more variety. I don’t eat pork and very little red meat – not because I think it is bad for me but i just don’t like it. So I have added tuna almost daily post workout which I did not use to eat, veal and different kinds of fish. I am a big baker and so naturally i have a sweet tooth so thank you for introducing me to stevia. I have been using the NOW brand as well and get my sweet fix in my tea or oatmeal. Great for my hubby who is diabetic and use to take sugar in his coffee. I thought I already knew a great deal about nutrition but you and Markus are a wealth of knowledge and I am learning so much about supplements and how to eat foods and in what combinations to nourish my body rather than just fill it up.

    1. Thanks for sharing Michele! So glad you are loving the Ezekiel bread 🙂 Happy you are also using stevia, its has been such a life saver for me when I want to add sweetness to a meal. Keep up the amazing work and continue to add more variety to your diet! With all the healthy lifestyle changes you are making -You are inspiring to many!

  2. That’s about the same as mine minus the Kombuca tea! Must find! I get La Tortilla Factory low carb high Fiber wraps! Yummiliscious!!!!

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